Burt's Chips

Kingdom Coffee continually strive to source the finest products and with this in mind we have elected to change our crisp supplier to Burt’s Hand Fried Potato Chips. Burt’s Hand Fried Potato Chips are the closest thing to an organic crisp available and carry the logo below upon their packaging.

The potatoes used in the production for Burt’s Chips are locally sourced to Burt’s Devon based production unit - the place of origin is marked on every bag, as is the name of the fryer that fried the crisps.

With such care and devotion to the art of hand frying potato chips we believes it warrants your closer inspection and as they say the proof is in the pudding, or in this case a packet of crisps. The flavours are available in the convenient box sizes of 20 x 40g bags, so you will have no issues with shelf life, however large or small your business may be.