The Rombouts Espresso Machine is an inexpensive and convenient method by which your guests can produce a high quality coffee within their room.

Ideal for:

  1. Executive hotel rooms
  2. Hair salons
  3. Small businesses
  4. One's own kitchen

The elegant contemporary design is matched by its ease of use, perfect for those guests who demand a great tasting coffee with the minimum of effort.

The machine offers both an espresso or long black option through a regular or decaffeinated coffee pod. The internal 1.3 litre water tank with built in Brita filter and internal used pod collector means that your guest would have little to do other than pop in a pod and press a button.


For a fabulous coffee with an incredible crema at prices that beats Rombouts only true competitor, Nespresso, this machine is the perfect solution for your more discerning guests.

For further details on what is an incredible offer, please contact our offices by phone or e-mail.