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When Meseret moved to Nazret with her husband and baby, they were so poor that the other villagers thought they were beggars. Meseret survived on scraps of food and was so malnourished that she couldn’t breastfeed her daughter. Today, thanks to Tearfund’s self-help groups in Ethiopia, Meseret can pay for food and school fees, and her family is part of a loving church community. “The group allowed me to take a 50 Birr loan and I bought and sold charcoal for a good profit. I started making handicrafts and was able to send my child to school”. These groups not only provide business loans to one another but also build self-esteem and provide vital social support for childcare and healthcare bills.

To find out more about Meseret visit www.tearfund.org/startup

Please Help Kingdom Coffee to support the work of Tearfund
A wonderful opportunity to make a REAL difference!

Fairtrade Caffe Tesfa (Hope)
Fairtrade Caffe Tesfa (Hope) is a 100% pure Ethiopian Arabica blend. A very delicate and floral cup with tart acidity and vibrant bergamot and blood orange notes makes it a wonderfully balanced and refreshing coffee.
Caffe Tesfa is sold at 39.50 per case of 50 sachets, pre-dosed at 50 grams, and can be used with most coffee machies. This will equate to just 6 pence per cup for real freshly ground coffee while the average Fairtrade instant costs 8 pence per cup.
For every case of Fairtrade Caffe Tesfa sold two investments will take place in the lives of others. 
In addition to supporting Fairtrade – better prices, decent working condition, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world - Kingdom Coffee will donate £ 3.00 to Tearfund for every case of Caffe Tesfa purchased.